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Textile and Fabric Antimicrobial Microbiology Testing / Antimicrobial Microbiological Test Services

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Accugen Laboratories, Inc. provides quality and standard testing to the textiles and fabric industry. Below are a few of the testing procedures and methods that can be used to assess textile and fabrics. For more information please call us at 800-282-7102 or email us at info@accugenlabs.com .

AATCC 30 - Antimicrobial Textile / Fabric Test

Antifungal Activity - Antimicrobial Assessment on Textile Materials

The two purposes of this textile and fabric antimicrobial test method (AATCC 30) are to determine the susceptibility of the textile materials to mildew and rot and to evaluate the antimicrobial efficacy of fungicides on textile materials. Accugen Laboratories provides quality textile testing services according to the standardized antimicrobial textile testing procedures.

AATCC 100 - Antimicrobial Textile / Fabric Test

Assessment of Antimicrobial Finishes on Textile Materials

This antimicrobial fabrics and textiles test is a quantitative method (AATCC 100) in which assessment of antibacterial finishes on textile materials (fabric finsihes, etc.) is determined by the degree of antibacterial activity intended in the use of such materials. Accugen's highly educated professionals are thoroughly trained and well versed in microbiological antimicrobial testing procedures for textile testing including the AATCC 100 test method.

AATCC 147 - Antimicrobial Textile / Fabric Test

Antibacterial Assessment of Textile Materials: Parallel Streak Method - Antimicrobial Testing

The AATCC Test Method 147 is a qualitative antimicrobial test used to detect baceteriostatic activity on textile materials. This antimicrobial fabric and textile testing method is useful for obtaining a rough estimate of activity by the size of the zone of inhibition and the narrowing of the streaks caused by the presence of the antimicrobial agent permitting an estimate of the residual antimicrobial activity after multiple washings. Call Accugen Labs, Inc. today to receive an estimate for antimicrobial textile testing using the AATCC 147 test method and the various other textile testing services we provide (800) 282-7102.

USP 61 Test- Microbial Enumeration Test - Textile / Fabric Test

USP 61 microbial enumeration test will determine the Total Aerobic Microbial Count (TAMC) and Total Yeast and Mold Count (TYMC) present on your fabric.

Microbial Enumeration test can be carried out by several test methods:

  • Pour Plate Count Test for Microbial enumeration
  • Spread plate Count Test for Microbial enumeration
  • Membrane Filtration Test for Microbial enumeration
  • RODAC plate Test for Microbial enumeration

USP 62 Test for Specified Microorganism - Textile / Fabric Test

To test the presence of specified microorganisms / Specified Harmful microorganisms/ Specified Pathogens, USP 62 test is carried out on your Textile/ Fabric samples.

Organisms tested in USP 62 test are:

Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, bile-tolerant Gram-negative bacteria, Clostridia species, Salmonella species and Candida albicans.

Custom Textiles and Fabric Antimicrobial Microbiological Testing Laboratory Services

Over 20 years of Experience in performing fabric and textile microbial/microbiology testing services.

Our expert team of microbiologists will work with you to plan out and develop customized testing protocols to meet your specific antimicrobial testing needs.

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