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ASTM G21 Testing / Test Services

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ASTM G 21 - Antimicrobial / Antifungal Resistance Test

Standard Practice for Determining Resistance of Synthetic Polymeric Materials to Fungi

The ASTM G 21 testing service determines the effect of fungi on certain properties and characteristics of synthetic polymeric materials. These "materials" may include but are not limited to: paint, plastics, paper, cardboard, dry wall, etc. These materials might be in different physical forms such as tubes, rods, film materials, sheets, etc.

The part of the materials that is synthetic polymer material is usually fungus resistant. This is because the synthetic polymer material itself doesn't provide or act as a source of carbon, which is what promotes the growth of fungi.

Most of the time, what allows the growth of fungus on plastic materials are the other components and constituents of the plastic materials such as lubricants, colorants, etc.

Conditions that are favorable for microbial or fungal production are important to understand when producing these plastic materials. The ASTM G 21 test method determines whether synthetic polymeric materials have established resistance to microbial / fungal invasion under various conditions such as varying temperatures and humidity environments.

Examples of how the ASTM G21 test is applied:

  • Assessing the antifungal / antimicrobial activity of paints
  • Evaluating the antimicrobial / antifungal activity of plastic materials such as pvc piping, plumbing materials, etc.
  • Analyzing fungus, mold, and / or bacterial resistance of construction materials made of or consisting partly of synthetic polymer plastics

Time Lapse / Growth Progression photos can be provided to complement the report results.

Accugen Laboratories, Inc. provides quality testing services of plastic materials using the ASTM G21 test method and other standardized test methods. Call 800-282-7102 for this and other testing services and to receive personalized and customized price quotes.


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