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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I start Testing With Accugen?

You can contact Accugen via email (, telephone (800) 282-7102 or fax (630) 812-2219.  Please provide your address, contact information, and testing requirements.  A price quotation and a sample submission form will be sent for your approval.  Sample Submittal Form is located on our web site. You can send it electronically or with the sample.  Ship the samples to Accugen along with a completed and signed sample submission form

How do I get a price quotation?

Please write, email ( or call at (800) 282-7102. Please indicate the type of product that needs testing and the testing required. A quotation will be sent to your attention.

How do I pay for the testing?
You can pay via check, money order , Visa, Master card or wire transfer until credit is established.
How can a company establish credit with Accugen?
A blank credit application will be sent for all new clients. Please complete the credit application and return it to Accugen. It will take 2 to 3 weeks to process the completed credit application.
How do I submit samples to Accugen?
Samples should be shipped to Accugen Laboratories, Inc. to the attention of the Sample Receiving department. Samples may also be sent via courier service, or by personally dropping them off. All samples must have a signed sample submission form indicating the tests requested.

Accugen Laboratories,Inc. Sample Receiving Department 2121 W. Army Trail Rd. Addison, IL 60101

How can the samples be returned to the client?
Please indicate on the samples submission form that unused samples are to be returned to the client. Indicate how the samples should be returned and list the account number of the courier you wish us to use (FedEx or Airborne). A fee will be applied for samples being returned.
Does Accugen follow FDA regulations?
Yes, Accugen follows current Good manufacturing Practices per CFR section Title 21, part 820, Title 21, part 811, Title 21 part 11.
Is Accugen registered with FDA?
Yes, Accugen is registered with the FDA .
What type of a report is issued after the testing is completed?
The final signed report will detail the client information, sample description and identification, tests performed and results of such tests. It will also indicate the sample accession/lab number.
Can I obtain a copy of the test method?
Test methods, which are not proprietary, can be provided to the client. All test methods can be reviewed on site during an audit of Accugen. If a proprietary method is requested by a Government agency, Accugen will provide the method directly to the agency. Minimal cost will be charged to the client for preparing and shipping these documents. Please incur for charges.
Can I obtain copies of the raw data?
Accugen does provide cGMP data packages at a cost of 10% of the cost of the test. Please indicate on the sample submission form that this is required.
How are reports issued?
The reports are always sent via e-Mail.
Who do I speak to discuss the results on the report?
Please call Accugen at (800) 282-7102 and ask for the department manager or supervisor. Each report has a unique lab number at the top left corner of the report. We can then pull this report from the file and discuss any issues you may have.
Is Accugen audited by the FDA?
Yes, Accugen is audited by the FDA on a periodic basis.
Do you have more than one location?
Accugen does not have more than one location. Accugen is located in vicinity of Chicago,IL.


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